The Gate

by Thaddaeus

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The Gate was the first official song performed by Thaddaeus. The album is two songs of warriors marching to their doom, one from each of the opposing perspectives.


released August 15, 2007

Theodore: All instruments, technical production, lyrics.
Bartholemew: Live guitars and vocals.
Vera: Artwork.



all rights reserved


Thaddaeus Perth, Australia

Thaddaeus tells stories of humans' failures to come to terms with their own selves. The songs are long, convoluted and often linked with each other in complex ways. It’s atmospheric funeral doom.

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Track Name: The Gate
The shamans were in power
But they wanted more
They began to scour the lands
Searching for more souls to burn

But on their devastating journeys
They learned the existence of a mighty gate
To a weapon of haunting power
And it was now this, that they sought

And as their domination continued
They found the location of the gate
But it won’t be too long
Before they’d regret their discovery

And as the shamans began to storm the gate
And the final battle began
They knew they were at these so sacred lands
If they breached those walls

They fought their way through the valley
Through the kingdoms that challenged them
It all seemed so easy
As they began to breach the walls

Then down came the gate
Only then, could the shamans see
The dark warriors of the night
And they sensed, their own doom was nigh

It wasn’t too long before they could hear the chant of vengeance, coming from the warriors of the night.

We are the gate
We are the keepers
You wandered onto our lands
We are the preachers
You are the lake of ash

We are the reapers
You are the leech in the sand
We are the leaders
You are the pain in our heads

We are the believers
You are the stain on our hands
We are the needed
You are deaths final stand
Track Name: Queen of the Night
The day was still
We heard the footsteps of oncoming terror
Forced to abandon our grave ridden home
Or forever be trapped within

The march began
Towards the stone pass
Where the cosmic ritual would take hold
And our freedom be given to us

The journey seemed eternal
And light was not on our side
We couldn’t see the end was near
As we struggled for so long

The sounds of the ritual could now be heard
Even through our heavy carapace
We were all drawn to its majesty
And our relief would be great

But our view, was tainted by the light
As we entered the pass, we gave our lives away
The queen of the night, banished our brethren
Sent us to the cosmic, obliteration

You blessed us with colossal strength
You blessed us with the ultimate desire
You blessed us with unrelenting will,
That sent us to our doom

You blessed us with the angels wings
You blessed us like we’re the only ones
You blessed us with the skills that destroyed
Our hope of survival

You granted us eternal freedom
As we entered the pass, you knowingly gave our lives away
You’re the queen of the night, and you banished all our brethren to death
You sent us to the cosmic, obliteration and we all perished

Your thoughts do not pass through us anymore, we hear your evil
We read the lies that pass through your lips, through your heart, into our heads
We no longer need your blessing to find our peace
We have the will of our own, to put you in your place